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Individual therapy is $130 per 50 minute session. Couples or family therapy is $150 per 50 minute session, and groups are $75 per 90 minute session.

 I do not take insurance but I can provide you with a monthly superbill as an "out of network provider." Several of my clients have had success in submitting a superbill to their insurance for reimbursement.

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Individual Therapy

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, life changes, identity/faith crisis, or anything else--I am confident I can walk beside you to help! I have special passion and skill for helping those with anxiety and women's issues. Sometimes we just need someone to really listen. There is so much power in just getting the words out that sometimes only live in our heads. We'll hone in on your self-care and soul-care routines to see if they could use some fine tuning. We can't pour from an empty cup! I use a solution-focused, goal oriented therapy that takes you towards HOPE and the abundant life God has for you! Our minds are a battlefield, so we will also work on helping you retrain, reframe, and challenge unhelpful thoughts and align them with biblical truths, focused on HOPE!

Couples Counseling

I primarily use the Gottman method with couples (and apply biblical principles) which is proven to be helpful and effective. From my experience, most couples can solve many of their relationship issues by improving conflict management and communication skills while treating one another with love and respect. I have concrete methods (such as an actual 'conflict blueprint' you can follow) to help you improve this and more! I believe couples work needs to be more directive as many couples lack skills in order for their marriage to thrive as God intended. I am passionate about helping you hone those skills. We will also break down and improve the 'sticky spots' in your relationship, in other words, the unhelpful and destructive patterns you find yourself in over and over. My tagline for couples is: seek to understand your partner, not agree! You may never agree, but you can understand, validate, and empathize with one another. This builds trust, emotional safety and intimacy. I love working with couples and would be honored to work with you!

Happy Family

Family Counseling

When one person is having a difficulty in life, it's impossible for others not to be effected. Often times, those difficulties lie within familial relationships. It's so healing and beneficial to bring in the entire family when possible. I would be honored to be a part of your family's journey towards growth, hope and healing.


No matter where you live in Idaho or Washington, I can help you! I offer teletherapy through a secure, safe, and HIPAA compliant platform. I have found teletherapy has been very well received by my clients as they are in the comfort of their own homes and have no commute time!

Pre-Engagement &
Pre-marital Counseling

I have found pre-engagement and pre-marital therapy to be very helpful for couples! We will create a safe space for you to share both your fears and hopes about marriage and utilize both Gottman and Prepare/Enrich programs. We'll delve into your desires and expectations of your partner and of marriage. We will engage in discussions around your core values and how they align. We'll do everything we can to ensure you have a solid foundation to start your life together!

Vessel Christian Counseling

Walking beside you towards God’s best for your life!

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