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Group Counseling for Anxiety Support

The groups will address improving anxiety and our relationship to it using clinical as well as biblical principles. Groups will be 10 weeks long, with a maximum of 12 members. The group is closed, meaning it will be the same members each time. Groups have been shown time and time again to be just as, if not more, successful than individual therapy! The cost is also half the cost of regular therapy.

Rates are $60 per group, per person. 

Space is very limited. For more info, please email me at: 


You are not alone

The reason group therapy is so successful is multi-faceted. It's helpful to meet with others who struggles with the same thing you do. This helps us feel less alone in our struggles. Also, group therapy gives us the chance to practice our new skills within the group and with each other. I have my own history with anxiety, and have had wonderful success improving my relationship to it using the very tools I'll be teaching you! Again, you are not alone. I get it. 

Support Group
Support Group

Change your relationship to anxiety for good

I am confident, with the help of the Holy Spirit that I can walk with you towards victory over having anxiety rule your life! I have personally led many groups, including groups on anxiety, and I specialize in anxiety. I have seen the power of groups changing lives time and time again. Some of the modalities used are Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, and incorporating biblical principles to help you lose your fear of anxiety, challenge unhelpful thinking, and replace negative thoughts with truth. My approach is very hope focused. Let me be a part of your journey towards anxiety recovery, contact me today as group space is very limited.

Vessel Christian Counseling

Walking beside you towards God’s best for your life!

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